Since 1989, CDR Associates has conducted on-site credit balance recovery audits to assist insurers in the identification and recovery of overpaid claims. CDR performs thousands of audits annually on behalf of Blue Cross and Commercial payers as well as State Medicaid agencies accross the country.

The onsite audits offered by CDR focus on the identification and recovery of three primary types of incorrectly paid and processed claims:

  • Duplicate/similar claim overpayments
  • Coordination of benefits (COB) errors
  • Payments in excess of client's contractual requirements

The keys to our success include our thorough knowledge of hospital computerized accounting systems, our experience with multiple claim reimbursement environments (per diem, DRG, percentage of charges, capitated rates, etc.) and our ability to work with providers in a professional and constructive manner.

CDR has developed a unique, focused and tested approach to identifying recoveries in a manner that maximizes recoveries while minimizing the administrative burden placed on providers. Our unique audit program was developed by CDR and has been tested and refined for over a decade. No other firm can match our experience in the identification and recovery of overpaid hospital claims.

For additional information about our Hospital Credit Balance Recovery Audits, please contact Joe Czajkowski at CDR Associates today.

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